Water Seals

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  • P380HJ


    Description: This Clear ‘H’ Jamb is for use on 180 degree inline glass-to-glass applications. Snap onto the fixed panel with the lip on the strike side, or onto the door with the lip on the hinge side. Leaves a clear appearance while serving as a functional seal. Entire ‘H’ Jamb is made of hard polycarbonate.

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    Description: Translucent Double Fin Seal can be used for inswing or outswing doors. The two different size fins allow the installer a choice of seal lengths. Use as is, or simply trim the fins as necessary. Adhere 5/16″ (8 mm) rigid base to glass edge or wall using our Clear Very Hi-Bond Tape.

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  • SDTJT2


    Description: Our popular SDTJ Bulb Seal comes with pre-applied VHB Tape, for easy installation. Simply peel back the tin tape lining to expose the clear tape.

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