Frameless shower doors provide a clean modern look that transforms a boring bathroom from functional to fabulous. Over the past few years, they have become a popular option, and here’s why:

Improved Sanitation

Traditional shower doors are built within a metal frame. These clunky, disruptive frames have crevices, nooks and other areas that can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Dirt, debris and dust can build up within these deposits, effecting both the look and sanitation of your shower area, often resulting in unsightly stains and unwanted odors.

Frameless Shower Doors however have no metal frames. So there are fewer areas for bacteria, dirt and germs to build up. This improves both the look and the safety of your bathroom. Your bathroom will look and smell cleaner and safer.

Easier to Clean

They are mostly made of strong, tempered safety glass that can easily be swiped with a cloth or sponge. And because there are no metal frames, there are no corners, pockets or tracks to get grimy or to attract dirt.


In order to support the doors and the opening and closing function, frameless shower doors are made out of durable materials. The thicker glass also helps frameless doors outlast framed shower doors. They also have a longer service life than framed doors, as they are less likely to rust or corrode.

More Contemporary Look

The seamless edges and elegant design of frameless doors help make your bathroom look bigger and provide a better view of the details of your shower. There are no visible frames, creating a sleek and modern design.

Multiple Designs and Styles

You will also have a large selection of designs and styles to choose from. While frameless shower doors work best with contemporary designs, you should be able to find options that will match any style or décor that you choose for your bathroom.

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