Shower Doors Are Safer for Older Adults

When you are younger, you don’t usually see everyday obstacles that are lying right in front of you in your home.

But when you are elderly, the average home can be like an obstacle course that offers hurdles around every corner to comfort and safety.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is no different. Older people who can’t move as quickly or as freely as younger people often find it difficult to climb into an out of a bathtub without help.

It’s also difficult — and sometimes dangerous — for them to climb into a shower that doesn’t have shower doors. When a shower is attached to a bathtub, that 18-inch barrier often may as welll be 10 feet high.

Easier and Safer Shower Access

Adding shower doors to your home or to the home of an elderly relative not only makes it easier for them to get into and out of the shower, but it makes it safer as well.

They don’t have to risk trying to climb over the side of a bathtub by themselves when there is a simple, convenient shower door. And you don’t have to worry about helping them into or out of the shower.

Glass shower doors provide security as well. When an elderly relative is in the shower, you can instantly see if they are safe without invading their privacy.

Other Safetry

Shower doors should be included on at least one bathroom in a home used by an elderly person. For additional security, this shower also should have non-skid floors and hand rails along at least two sides of the shower so that the person can hold on for safety.

For many people, glass shower doors are a stylish, modern design element for their contemporary bathroom. But for an elderly person who may not be able to navigate a bathtub safely, they are often a lifesaver.


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