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Temperglass, good enough for outdoors, best for indoors

I attended my friend’s father’s birthday last week. He’s 95 years old and still goes around the city without an escort.  I sat at a table together with one family; the parents, two daughters and two nieces. While they were talking, the eldest daughter about 20 years’ and old said she’s very interested in becoming an online freelance writer. I introduced myself and told her that I’m a web content writer.

She asked what topics that I usually wrote. I mentioned several and when I mentioned about shower doors and the name Temperglass, she was surprised. She said she knew what Temperglass is and she thought they were used as perimeter fence. It’s my turned to be surprised. I asked her that what gave her the idea. Not only her, but the entire family told me the same.

She took her smartphone and showed me the picture.  Yes, it was true. The whole place was surrounded with Temperglass and it’s difficult to see it because it was colorless and reflected the surrounding vegetations. I told them I could easily see it because it was colored yellowish. The father told me, it was because of the sun’s reflection. However, he said that if one will look at it in actual setting, it can hardly be seen.

I asked them how sure are they that it was Temperglass. They told me it has the brand printed right on the surface. They added that when they asked the owner, an American with Filipino wife about its durability, the owner told them its break and scratch resistant. She asked me if I’m interested to come and see it, I told her when. She’s going to ask the owners first. They’re in the U.S. vacationing right now. I told him I’d like to have a picture and send it to my boss; she told me they are very private people.

The picture stayed with me for several days. The beauty of Temperglass has added unique dimension to the entire real estate. It’s mind boggling. I asked myself that if these shower doors can transform an entire place into something much more wonderful, how much more when the place, like a bathroom, is only a fraction of the backyard’s size.

Temperglass is really something. You can rely on its durability and beauty to give your bathroom the ambiance similar to a 5 star hotel or a first class spa. If it can protect the outdoors without being broken or scratch, how much more what I can do indoors with only water to touch it.

The place is near the beach. It’s really something to behold. Temperglass has really turned into an amazing place. I know that many of you are using Temperglass as your shower doors and will agree with me about its high quality. For those of you in Miami still planning to buy one, I can assure you that shower doors Miami will give you the best service. If it’s good enough to adorn the outdoors, I’m sure it’s good enough for our bathrooms.

I’m sure the bathroom of that place has a Temperglass shower doors.


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