Glass Is the Contemporary Design Material of Choice

Remember a few years ago when exposed brick was the big fad among interior designers. Everything from Silicon Valley startup offices to bohemian loft apartments features huge swaths of stylish, funky exposed brick. It was practically impossible to open a design catalog or visit a materials company website without being bombarded with images of exposed brick walls, space dividers, and other design elements.

Well, if there’s one thing to know about fads it’s that they come and go, sometimes rather quickly. Today’s hippest designers are now turning to glass walls, doors, and, yes, even windows, as the building material of choice for today’s offices, residences, and public spaces.

Transparency Is In

Part of this has to do with a shift in the public perception of commercial and residential spaces. Today’s consumer doesn’t want compartmentalization or a nod to urbanity. Instead, people today want transparency. They want sunshine and open spaces over walls and enclosed offices and rooms.,

Perhaps it’s a result of the recent global pandemic which trapped people inside for more than a year. Or maybe it has to do with a growing awareness of the environment and an appreciation of the natural world around us. Whatever the reason, today’s interior designers have abandoned exposed brick and are now incorporating glass into practically every new design they make.

Clear, Bright, and Honest

Glass walls, doors, and windows allow anybody and everybody to see through instantly. It promotes honesty, collaboration, and transparency. It can help build trust with customers and employees alike.

When used in interior design, glass can open up vast interior spaces and allow light to flow freely and warmly into your business. It can make retail spaces more inviting and workspaces more productive. And it can help your business look contemporary and aware of the things happening in the world around it.


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